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Hot Yoga Teacher's Training Certification

PH Prime is happy to introduce Hot Yoga Teachers’ Training Course for the interested Yogi’s & Yogini’s

This course would be a highly intensive and authorized certification course, under watchful guidance of senior-most Hot Yoga teachers.

The course consists of:

1. Basic Principles of Yoga, especially Hatha Yoga
2. Yoga Therapy classes
3. Postures Correction
4. Correct Alignment of Asanas
5. Diet and Nutrition
6. Dialogues Training
7. Anatomy classes

Not everybody can be a Hot Yoga teacher. If you believe that you are good at your postures and have a passion for teaching Yoga, get in touch with us.

PH Prime guarantees all assistance to deserving students i.e.

1. Pay course fees in easy installments
2. Guaranteed classes to teach at PH Prime, post the Teachers’ Training. Hence secure a steady income source.
3. Lifelong association with PH Prime – come and practice in our classes any time you wish!

If you are ready to take the plunge, be assured of complete assistance from us.

Sounds exciting? Get in touch with us!!

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