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What is the meal and time after the hot yoga lesson? Tips for eating before the lesson!

Hello! It is a hot yoga studio “PH Hot Yoga”.

I think there are many people who have more time at home and more meat around their tummy.
Hot yoga is recommended for such people!

Hot yoga is performed in the best environment to bring out the flexibility of muscles, indoors at 38 degrees and with humidity at 65%.
As you do aerobic exercise with yoga while loosening the stiff muscles, it also has the effect of making it easier to move your body and improving blood circulation.

When blood flow improves, the basal metabolism that consumes energy in the body also increases, so fat burns more easily and a diet effect can be obtained.

It’s such hot yoga, but even if you move your body, it’s meaningless if you eat a lot right after the lesson.

This time, I will explain what kind of meal you should keep in mind after the hot yoga lesson.
There is a lot of useful information such as meal times and contents.

Points of meal time after hot yoga lessons

After doing hot yoga, wait about two hours before eating.

For two hours after the lesson, a large amount of sweat causes the toxins in the body to flow out, leaving the body in a detoxified state.
As a result, the absorption rate is doubled, and more nutrients are taken into the body than usual.

If you eat a lot of greasy or high-calorie foods here, the calories will be taken into your body and the effect of hot yoga will be diminished.

The key to maximizing the effectiveness of hot yoga is what to do with these two hours!
Be proactive in getting the nutrients you need and avoiding the ones you don’t need.

What is your recommended meal after a hot yoga lesson?

Should I limit my diet after the lesson? You may think that, but what is important is dietary management.

Skipping a meal to get a quick diet effect is rather counterproductive.
Eat a diet that gives you the nutrients you need and aim for a healthy diet.

It is recommended to take protein and vitamin C during the time when absorption is good, 2 hours after the lesson.
In particular, protein is a necessary component for building our body, such as muscle and blood.
Foods that are high in these nutrients and low in calories include chicken breasts, egg whites, soy products and red peppers.
Be conscious and take it positively.

It is also recommended to use protein to restore muscle after lessons.
With access to protein and sugar, you can nourish your damaged muscles.

It is also important to eat vegetables and fruits to get vitamins.
In that case, choose pesticide-free products as much as possible and use fresh local products.

Fermented foods that improve the intestinal environment and enhance immunity, brown rice / whole grain bread, and water at room temperature are also recommended because they go well with yoga.

As I looked at it, my body shape changed, and the clothes I had come to did not fit, and when I was able to wear clothes with a wide range of designs, I was even more fashionably polished ♪
I feel like I will succeed in dieting. He was positive and told me that he would be more excited!

What is the point of eating before a hot yoga lesson?

There are some points to keep in mind not only after a hot yoga lesson, but also before the lesson.

On hot yoga days, make sure you finish your meal 1-2 hours before the lesson.
If you do hot yoga when you are full and move your body to the extent that you breathe, blood will concentrate in the stomach to prevent indigestion, and it will be difficult for blood to circulate throughout the body, which may make you feel sick or yoga. In some cases, you may not be able to concentrate on.

We recommend eating porridge that is easy to digest and warm soup with plenty of vegetables that does not strain your stomach.

However, due to lessons and work times, you may not be able to control your meal times and what you eat.

It’s important to have a well-balanced, non-greasy diet to replenish your energy for hot yoga.
If you don’t have time, you can just eat rice balls lightly.

The time and content of the meal after the hot yoga lesson is important!

After a hot yoga lesson, it is recommended that you take in the nutrients that are normally deficient within 2 hours.
The absorption rate is high for 2 hours after the lesson, so it would be nice to be able to take in the nutrients that are normally deficient during this time.
If you want to feel the effect of dieting quickly, allow 1-2 hours before eating.
But don’t forget to rehydrate!

Recommended meals include protein and vitamin C.
Pay attention to your diet, including low-calorie chicken scissors, egg whites, soy products and proteins, and fermented foods that help your gut work.

Even before the hot yoga lesson, it is important to finish the meal about 1 to 2 hours in advance.
Choose foods that don’t strain your stomach.

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